Dojit-Notify October Update

In this October update we have added a number of features, including updating both the Unity and PhoneGap plugins, so don’t forget to update your plugins.

Developer Defined Variables : We have been asked by many App and game developers to increase the number of developer defined app variables. So we have. This mean you can have a mix of triggers from both the level/sub-level and variables accessed by the player. These variable may be items collected within the game or clicks used within an app. Basically anything that the user does, you can track and may a push notification for. The management of the app variables has now been given its own section of the developer user interface.

Upversion Push Notifications : The plugin now reports on the game version which installed on the phone. In IOS 7, the phone automatically up versions the applications which reduces the players visibility of what is new in the app. So we can now send a push notification describing the new features for that version.

Click Through Statistics : The push notification click through support has been added to measure the click through rate of your push notifications. This will be reported to you in the analytics menu within the developer panel.

Certificates Management : The method of uploading and changing the demonstration and production certificates has been streamlined. This is now under the games menu. This allows you to add, modify and delete certificates for both Apple and Android.

We have also updated the pricing to make it based on the number of active accounts, so you pay for who you monetize.

This gives you a powerful set of options for creating push notifications. So check out

The Innovators of Appsworld

Appsworld, the leading multi platform developer’s event, is now in it’s fourth year. On the 22nd and 23rd of October, the event will host luminaries of the industry, such as Steve Wozniak, the co founder of Apple, and Trip Hawkins, the founder of EA. It promises to be an essential gathering for experienced and new developers alike, where knowledge can be shared and new software demonstrated.

It would be expected that most of the attendees would be games developers, looking to make the next big smartphone game. However, reading through the speakers list brings up some surprising companies. Why are asos, the clothing website, there? Or McDonalds? Or Tesco? This shows that these are companies who are using app technology in new and exciting ways. Just how is the technology being used now by this year’s speakers? (All apps mentioned are linked by company name).

Food apps

Several fast food companies, such as McDonalds, Starbucks, and Subway, are increasingly using app technology to interact with their customers. McDonald’s use the app to deliver nutritional information about their menu and information about their locations, but also for more direct communication with the user. They are currently running a competition via the app for users to win a free iced frappe when they upload their very own advert.

The Starbucks app, on the other hand, actually acts as a digital stand in for the Starbucks Card. Using this, customers can transfer funds to the card, pay for their goods and automatically log ‘Stars’ in their rewards system. Doing so creates a ‘one stop shop’ for Starbucks customers.

TV apps

The TV apps represented at Appsworld all offer services allowing users to watch their programming on demand, which is a huge step forward in the technology and the way we watch TV. The BBC iPlayer app is one of several services the BBC offer, alongside their News and Weather apps.

However, other players are taking the technology one step further. Sky offer a Sky+ app, allowing Sky users to remotely manage their recorded shows on their phone, as well as wifi app that allows users to use their service on the go, and their own betting app. ITV offer a unique service, where several of their own shows, such as Britain’s Got Talent, The Cube, and The Only Way is Essex have their own dedicated apps. These are a new way of getting viewers involved with their shows, and an interesting use of the technology.

Shopping apps

There are a plethora of stores that are now embracing app technology as another marketplace for their wares. asos, Argos and Tesco all have apps allowing their customers to shop their phone, with Tesco also developing the technology to allow customers to use the phone as a Clubcard, in much the same way as Starbucks are doing. However, The North Face have taken advantage of the technology to create Snow Report. This app is designed with ski enthusiasts in mind, telling them where the best ‘powder’ is, and updating them on the resorts with the best current conditions.

Entertainment apps

The advances in entertainment that have been made in app technology are simply too numerous to describe, but there are two interesting examples on the Appsworld speakers list. The first is Shazam, an app that ‘listens’ to any music that the user holds their phone up to, telling the track name and artist. It also allows them to buy the track directly from the app. This is a prime example of the technology solving a problem we didn’t even know we had.

The second is Disney. They have several apps and games, mostly related to their cinema releases (although they were the company behind the hit game Where’s My Water?). They are now experimenting with the technology to create ‘Second Screen’ screenings of their classic films, allowing viewers to interact with each other and play games and quizzes as they watch.

There’s plenty of exciting things happening in the app development field, as this by no means exhaustive list proves. Anyone attending Appsworld will surely come away with hundreds of ideas as to where to take the technology next,.

Dojit Games will be in attendance at Appsworld this year, so if you see us please come and say hi! We’ve been working on our own technology, Dojit Notify, which will help developers use push notification technology more effectively to really connect with their users. See you there!

Totally Milkshake Promo

Totally Totally with some Milkshake

In June we will be launching Totally Milkshake, our flavour-tastic  100 milkshake recipe game for Ipad, Iphone and loads of Android tablets.

Totally Milkshake is the lip smacking new matching game from Dojit that’s sure to set your taste buds and gaming fingers ablaze. With its fantastic colours and fun game play this gem is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Collect the right ingredients to mix up your favourite fruits, nuts and chocolate and turn them into awesome shakes. Just make sure you’re quick enough to catch the falling ingredients into the milkshake glass, or else you’ll lose points and get some less then taste-tastic combinations.

Look up your favourite milkshakes on our list and try and complete all one hundred recipes! Try to make the most milkshakes in a set amount of time! Rank up the highest score and become master of the milkshake parlour! You’ll soon be spending hours trying to complete all this amazing game has to offer and more! And the best thing about totally milkshake is every shake on the list is REAL.

Once you’re done playing the game, you’ll find it easier to memorize all your favourite milkshake treats. The more recipes you unlock, the more flavours you’ll be able to try! So get stuck right in and put on your favourite cooking apron, because you’re going to be in for a real sugary treat!

Soccer Zillionaire receives rave reviews

Soccer Zillionaire is proving a huge hit with fans and is already received mass appeal on both the app store and on google play.

The brand new game from Dojit has only be available less than a week and already has received many downloads and plenty of positive feedback.  The soccer game, which is an ingenius mix of soccer and board games, is so far getting plenty of five star reviews on both google play and the app store.

LeftMidfielder5The game has been described as enjoyable, challenging and even a game changer by those who have reviewed it.

Soccer Zillionaire is currently free to download on both the app store and on google play.

For more information on Soccer Zillionaire and insightful posts about everything football follow @soczillionaire on twitter.

Soccer Zillionaire and Home Bear available for free

It’s March Madness here at Dojit Games as we are offering two exciting games, Home Bear classic and the brand new Soccer Zillionaire for free to all android devices throughout the month of March.

Download soccer zillionaire and manage a team to glory against your friends in this thrilling hybrid of sport and board game and download Home Bear classic and help cuddly Home Bear find his way back home, both for free this month only.

Dojit aim to offer fun and exciting gameplay for all ages on a range of tablet and mobile devices and this offer again shows our determination and desire to provide such gameplay for an entire generation of people.

We urge you to take advantage of this exciting offer and enjoy everything that our games provide.

For more information on both games make sure to follow @Soczillionaire and @homebeargame on twitter.

Home Bear – A Kid Friendly Game


At dojit we know everyone likes Bears, especially cuddly teddy bears. So we had to build a bear, Home Bear, so that everyone can love bears too.

So how have we done this?

Game Play – The game starts with easy to complete tutorial levels which are based on a Dream World. Here you can learn how to use the kids friendly tools :  Ladder, Pillow, Party Balloon, Space Hooper, Marsh Mellow and Platform Bridge. These levels then get more complex, developing into puzzles which require careful thought to complete using a preselected amount of tools.

Languages – For a truly international audience we have developed the game to work in Chinese (中国游戏), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. This allows children throughout the world to be able to play and enjoy Home Bear.

Phone, Tablet, Pad Support – At launch we aim to support Google Android and Apple devices which is the majority of smartphones in the world. During the first quarter of 2013 we will add support for Chinese, Windows phone. Take a look at

Free to Play and Paid Versions – By offering free play versions, kids can develop their knowledge and skills, allowing dojit to market the game to the casual games market. A paid version is offered which requires no further payments and ensures that children cannot add items to the users bill. Take a look at

Support – Through our online support site we can provide help, treats and tips on how to play the game.


Through this strategy we can help children throughout the world play and enjoy our game throughout 2013. As Home Bear Game is the first game to be launched by dojit games, developing games which are none violent and aimed at casual players who want to enjoy games.

dojit games studio launches

BIRMINGHAM, UK. April 19, 2012 – Dojit is a new games publisher and developer of handheld games. Its core focus is on the casual, female market and those who are new to handheld games. This growing market has been increasing by around 20% per year for the last five years. It is an important section of the global games market not only in respect of the vast number of people who fit into this category but because of the revenue opportunities it offers. The total market size is currently estimated to be larger than $3 billion annually.

Dojit Limited was founded by mobile games veteran, David Bozward who has been developing mobile games since 1999. He has launched over 50 titles into the global market place in the last 13 years. David said “The handheld games market place is maturing to a state whereby you have worldwide distribution, a selection of business models and opportunities to create new brands within the casual games space. Dojit will take this ground where other studios have failed to understood the consumer needs. “

The first three titles are in production. The first title, Home Bear, has a launch date of early June 2012. It will be launched on Apple, Apple and Apple devices. The company will also ensure it captures the international market by developing games in at least 8 different languages which ensures it addresses the core growth markets in handheld games. The other titles will follow later in the summer with more planned for the future.

The company will be able to scale through the development of online technology which moves forward through the players social interactions and the management of consumer points. This and other innovations will enable Dojit to take handheld gaming to the next level.

About Dojit Limited,

Dojit is a publisher and developer of downloadable games for the apple, android and windows platforms. Established in 2012, we are providing global titles targeted at the casual gamers of smartphone, pads and online TV devices. Our titles are sold through open market places such as Apple’s App Store, Google’s Market Place and closed market places dedicated to either a device or national mobile operator. Our mission is to continuously improve our games, be the best social and viral games marketer in the world and have lots of fun every single day. We hope this comes out in our games, how we deal with our customer and partners and more importantly the enjoyment we can share with you. Dojit is based at and also Faraday Wharf,  Holt Street, Birmingham, West Midlands B7 4BB, UK

dojit games launch (PDF Version)

home bear – first game play

Today we had our first game play for home bear with two levels being tested by the team. We still have some bugs to fixed, however, it was great to have a working version on the ipad and being able to complete the levels.

As you can see below the graphics used to still in early beta and we are making some major changes to these in the coming weeks. The level we are working on here is the “Hen House”  which is one of the six sets for the game.

Home Bear in game image

Home Bear in game image beta

If you are interested in getting more details on home bear, please register your interest below:


Home Bear – The begining

home bear hen house screen

home bear hen house screen


We have just started development of Home Bear, a IOS(Apple), Android and Blackberry game aimed at young and people who are new to gaming. The development team consists of 6 people who are working on all aspects of the game development, graphics and marketing.

The image above shows the first mock up of a level titled “The Hen House”.

If you are interested in more details or having updates then please register on this page