dojit-notify : what problem does it solve?

The average cell phone has 41 apps on it according to the recent Nielsen report.

The average person with a iphone or android device plays games between 7 am and 10 am,  so the major group of players are probable commuting to work or school.

So the average person at around 7am has the choice of 40 competing games or apps?

As a games developer, What are you going to do about it?

How are you going to make sure they choice your game or app?

dojit-notify solves this problem!

So we at dojit wanted to send them a push notification message, not just any old message about some random stuff thought up by the marketing department, but a message about the game, about the point in the game they were playing which ensures we help them get the most out of their commute.

These players have some time to enjoy and its important they do it in your game and purchase the upgrade while they are at it. The push notification provides them a context aware message nudging them into action, into playing your game.

So we designed dojit-notify for game developers, a context aware push notification service which is a solution provided to game developers, check out for more details.

Morning Gamers!

Our recent study has shown that gamers like to play our mobile games between 7 and 10am in the morning. This would make sense as the morning commute to the work or school is a pretty boring one, what better way to kill time by playing a quick mobile game to get the brain and fingers going.

On my morning commute to Dojit, passengers are mostly on their mobile phones, tablets or handheld gaming systems. Compared to my commute to college 5 years ago, people were only reading newspaper, books or some sort of literature.  This shows how mobile and handled devices are more prominent in people’s lives. And the rise of social games, how easy it is to complete a level or beat boss in just a few minutes and pick up later and continue your progress.

What are you doing in your morning commute?