Video Games in the UK

The UK has a rich history in the Video game industry. We have successful game studios throughout the UK who have put out successful games like the Fable series at Lionhead Studios, the ever popular Football Manager management sim from Sports Interactive and Epic Monkey 2: The Power of Two from Blitz Game Studio. But there seems to be lack of awareness that the UK produces games or even has a game industry.

Philip Oliver of Games Blitz Studio has started a successful campaign to get the UK video game’s industry recognized called ‘Made in Creative UK’, and is already supported by some game studios which I am sure some people would not have recognized as a UK game studio. Studios such as Crytek and Codemasters are many of the supporters for this campaign.

Philip Oliver, CEO, Blitz Games Studios: “So few people are aware that some of their favorite games are made here in the UK, and that the UK games industry have a rich heritage and deserved reputation for originality, creativity and innovation. We want the world to recognize creative products made in the UK, especially video games, as a sign of quality.”

Anyone can take part of the campaign, as long as the 50% of the creative labour is in the UK.

The logo can be put on either the game studio’s website or their latest games, or even both to highly promote the campaign and make it more visible to the gamers and general audience.

It is also backed by government figures, Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture: “The UK has a proud history of video game production and it’s wonderful to see the industry exploring ways in which Britain’s contributions to the worldwide market can be both acknowledged and celebrated.”

We here at Dojit encourage other game companies to support this campaign, to help recognize the innovation and creativity the UK game’s industry brings to the market. Video game’s industry is ever growing and the UK does have a big part to play in this. By supporting Made in Creative UK we can bring awareness to the to the public UK but also around the world, and help spread the word and get recognized.

Founder of Rasberry PI, Eben Upton also backed this with the next generation of developers in mind “If people don’t appreciate the existence of a successful UK games industry, and the games created by it, how can we inspire the next generation of developers? Highlighting the wonderful games made in UK with this logo is a fantastic step in raising that awareness.“

Here’s a quote from the CEO of Dojit, David Bozward ” We have some real talent in the UK for making games and therefore very happy to support this and add it to all our games. The games industry is bigger than the film industry yet receives less recognition is a true measure of the issue Philip Oliver is trying to overcome.”

Lets all in the video game community and industry get behind this campaign, make video games in the UK recognised and appreciated.