Evolve in Brighton

The popular Evolve in Brighton conference returns on July 9th.

Evolve is part of the Develop in Brighton conference that has been hugely successful since it started in 2006, it is a conference for both indie and established developers. Learning about markets, new technology, platforms and game development.

The conference also covers a business, coding, game design, art and audio. Also a great place for people within the games industry to network

This year’s event will take place between July 9th and 11th at the Hilton Brighton Metropole, and will kick off with ‘Innovation and Change’ during the Evolve sessions on the first day.

There will be many industry greats speaking at the conference such as Mark Cerny the lead Architect at Sony for the PlayStation 4, will be talking about Developing into the Next Generation. Will be great to hear from Mark, as his vision for PlayStation 4 is one of the main reasons for the positive reaction from the media and games journalists.

David Solari Chief Marketing Officer of UK based Jagex Game Studio, will also be speaking at the conference. We will see a healthy number of UK based game’s studios in Brighton on Tuesday.

Be sure to check out the website for more information.