Home Bear – Hopelessly Lost

Excuse me?
Can you help me?
Hi. My name’s Home Bear.
I’m hopelessly lost.
I bumped my head and now I can’t remember my way back home.
You see, I had a home. The very best kind. With a red roof, white walls, a blue door and a garden full of flowers. It’s warm and toasty with a TV, cosy bed and warm fireplace. But best of all, that’s where my best friend, Hannah Banana, is. We do everything together. We eat together, watch TV together, play together in the woods and snuggle as we sleep. We are, ahem were, two peas in a pod.
And we went everywhere together. We’ve never had a day apart since the day she was born.
Until now.
I miss home terribly. I’ve been on my own for about a week. Maybe more. It’s all a bit hazy since this bump to my head.
A little birdy told me that Hannah Banana dropped me whilst playing hide and seek in the 10 feet tall cornfield.
I can’t believe she’d just dump me. Not Hannah Banana.
But here I am, still in the cornfield.
I can’t find my way home. The birds and bees have tried to help but they don’t know where home is either.
I don’t even know which direction home is.
All I want is to go home.
It’s all I can talk about. Home.
And that’s why the birds and the bees round here call me Home Bear.
Do you think you could help me find my way home?
I don’t think I could do it without

dojit games studio launches

BIRMINGHAM, UK. April 19, 2012 – Dojit is a new games publisher and developer of handheld games. Its core focus is on the casual, female market and those who are new to handheld games. This growing market has been increasing by around 20% per year for the last five years. It is an important section of the global games market not only in respect of the vast number of people who fit into this category but because of the revenue opportunities it offers. The total market size is currently estimated to be larger than $3 billion annually.

Dojit Limited was founded by mobile games veteran, David Bozward who has been developing mobile games since 1999. He has launched over 50 titles into the global market place in the last 13 years. David said “The handheld games market place is maturing to a state whereby you have worldwide distribution, a selection of business models and opportunities to create new brands within the casual games space. Dojit will take this ground where other studios have failed to understood the consumer needs. “

The first three titles are in production. The first title, Home Bear, has a launch date of early June 2012. It will be launched on Apple, Apple and Apple devices. The company will also ensure it captures the international market by developing games in at least 8 different languages which ensures it addresses the core growth markets in handheld games. The other titles will follow later in the summer with more planned for the future.

The company will be able to scale through the development of online technology which moves forward through the players social interactions and the management of consumer points. This and other innovations will enable Dojit to take handheld gaming to the next level.

About Dojit Limited,

Dojit is a publisher and developer of downloadable games for the apple, android and windows platforms. Established in 2012, we are providing global titles targeted at the casual gamers of smartphone, pads and online TV devices. Our titles are sold through open market places such as Apple’s App Store, Google’s Market Place and closed market places dedicated to either a device or national mobile operator. Our mission is to continuously improve our games, be the best social and viral games marketer in the world and have lots of fun every single day. We hope this comes out in our games, how we deal with our customer and partners and more importantly the enjoyment we can share with you. Dojit is based at www.dojit.com and also Faraday Wharf,  Holt Street, Birmingham, West Midlands B7 4BB, UK

dojit games launch (PDF Version)

home bear – first game play

Today we had our first game play for home bear with two levels being tested by the team. We still have some bugs to fixed, however, it was great to have a working version on the ipad and being able to complete the levels.

As you can see below the graphics used to still in early beta and we are making some major changes to these in the coming weeks. The level we are working on here is the “Hen House”  which is one of the six sets for the game.

Home Bear in game image

Home Bear in game image beta

If you are interested in getting more details on home bear, please register your interest below:


Home Bear – The begining

home bear hen house screen

home bear hen house screen


We have just started development of Home Bear, a IOS(Apple), Android and Blackberry game aimed at young and people who are new to gaming. The development team consists of 6 people who are working on all aspects of the game development, graphics and marketing.

The image above shows the first mock up of a level titled “The Hen House”.

If you are interested in more details or having updates then please register on this page http://www.dojit.com/home-bear/

Launch – Meet the Press

As a start-up one of the great opportunities is finding out what the press want and more importantly knowing how to deal with them. The three key points made were:

  • relationship is most important
  • become a part of the community
  • storytelling in digital pr is a must

The final session was a panel discussion with Matt Martin, Keith Stuart, Alex Wiltshire, Colin MacDonald and  Keith Andrew with Jo Twist chairing.



They all talked about how the development diary is important, knowing the story around the company and also finding the marketing angle is their sweet spot.

Great event held as part of http://launchconference.co.uk/