Dojit and MAXIME – Move for Change takes London!

Dojit recently went to MAXIME to take part in a games evaluation. A few students looked into our games and what we could do to improve interaction between our games and the real world, and ways to bring these two worlds together in games like Home Bear. They presented us with a lovely presentation and went to spread the message of Move for Change and to ask the people about what made them play certain games, and what they looked for in these games. All in the magnificent city known as London!

MAXIME came up with the idea of Move for Change, where you implement features into the game that allow movement in real life to build up a currency or gain rewards within the game. These features can be personalisation such as a Hat or some Boots, to something that can give you an advantage within a game like a speed boost or the ability to use an already present item. They tell us that by using this feature you can start to engage a user even when they are not playing the game. This is a fantastic point and is sure to take off if we were to implement it in a game. As our games are made for children, parents would see their children actively seeking to be exercising and engaging in sport as there is more rewards for them to gain from it. You can then build on this by making it competitive. You can bring in this element by creating a leaderboard which measures the most active countries using your app and unlocking rewards by moving about.

By engaging the user on more fronts, we can create a more successful game that people will want to enjoy more often and be more involved with, and they reap all the rewards. This is fantastic for parents who don’t have to worry about a child being glued to a screen attempting to grind unlocks as we, by deploying Move for Change, can make unlocking in game items a more physical and healthy way of playing a game.

So should we, and others begin to Move for Change, and Move for Community?

Don’t forget to check out the students spreading the word of Move for Change and Home Bear in LONDON!