Why Are Users Uninstalling Your App?

Every smartphone user has, at one point or another, uninstalled apps from their phone. There’s plenty of reasons why, and developers are always looking for ways to keep users engaged with their own applications. When the uninstall rate for apps is around 60-80% within the 90 days though, that’s a tough battle to fight. Even Pokemon Go, arguably one of the most popular recent apps, has seen a sharp decline in users. So, why do users uninstall apps?

They’re not interesting

An app may look interesting when the user sees it in the app store, but now they’ve downloaded it they realise they just don’t find it interesting enough to use. Look at your app’s download and uninstall numbers. If you’re losing a good percentage of users, it may be that the app isn’t holding their attention. It may be time to dig deeper and find out why.

They take too long to set up

Most apps require some sort of set up process. However, if it takes too long then users may become frustrated or bored, and just uninstall the app instead. If your app requires the user to fill out forms or create user accounts before being able to use it, you may need to streamline the process or even remove it entirely.

They take up too much space

This is a simple issue but one that’s all too common. Phones only come with a finite amount of space. Preloaded apps and updates eat away at it, so it’s often the case that users are facing the fact there’s no more room on their phone. When this happens, apps have got to be deleted, and yours may have to be sacrificed. A good way of avoiding this happening is to allow your app to be moved to the SD card, freeing up storage space.

It’s too repetitive

This often happens with app games. As good as your game may be, users may find that it’s just too repetitive to hold their interest. If they’re being asked to do the same actions every time they log in, then they’re not going to continue to do so. If your game can be changed up in any way, now may be the time to do so.

The app is asking for money

This problem was most recently encountered by Super Mario Run players, who found that they could play a certain amount for free, but would have to pay out to unlock the rest of the game. It was reasonable to ask for this fee, considering the work that went into it. However, the way the fee was asked for could have been better. Players don’t want to feel as if they’re being ripped off. If you want to charge for your app, you’re better off asking for it upfront in the app store.

So as you can see, there are several reasons why a user may uninstall an app. Your job as developer is to understand why they’re doing so, and take steps to ensure that they don’t do so again.

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