VR, Game Streaming and Eye Tracking: The Best of CES

New year, new tech. The Consumer Electronics Show (known as the CES) in Las Vegas showcased some of the most up to date and cutting edge gaming gadgets around at the moment, so we’re rounding up the most exciting ones we’ve seen.

Playstation Now and Samsung

Some exciting news is that soon, Samsung smart TVs will be able to play Playstation games without a Playstation. The TVs will use the Playstation Now service, which streams Playstation games from the web direct to your TV. Users will need to use a Sony DualShock controller, but they’ll only need to get that and the app to start playing. Full multiplayer will be available, as well as cloud saving to allow players to pick up where they left off their last session.

Razer Forge TV

Android TV boxes are becoming more widespread, what with devices like the Amazon Fire Box and the Google Nexus Player on the market. The Razer Forge TV is being hailed as the next big thing in Android gaming, having won various accolades as CES 2015, including ‘Best in Gaming.’ While offering TV streaming services, the Forge is aimed squarely at gamers. It features a Serval Bluetooth controller, which is reminiscent of an Xbox 360 controller and can be bought in a bundle with the console at a discount. Alternatively, there’s the Turret lapboard, a combination keyboard and mouse to enable PC gaming from the comfort of your sofa. Even better, the Forge will be launching the beta of Cortex:Stream, allowing players to stream gameplay from their TV. Not bad for an Android TV box.

Eye Tribe Tracker

The Eye Tribe Tracker is the latest development in eye tracking technology. The device, priced at a reasonable $99, is designed to work with any tablet, laptop or PC that runs Windows. The company hope to make their money in licensing the product to developers, so are hoping that companies will take advantage of the technology to either collect data from their users, or to use it as a tech mechanism.

Nyko Data Bank

The Nyko Data Bank, on the face of it, is simply a casing for extra hard drive space on your PS4. However, it offers an alternative solution to taking the console apart for those unwilling to do so. The Data Bank sits neatly on top of the PS4, and draws power from the AC adapter. The device’s main draw is that it may become the cheapest and easiest way of giving your PS4 more than a terabyte of data. Anyone staring down regular 4GB game downloads will know just how valuable that space would be.

Oculus Rift

We’ve seen update after update for the Oculus Rift without a retail date ever being set, but the latest update is rather spectacular. Now players can move around in virtual space, exploring, ducking, crawling, and dodging around the landscape. At the moment, movement is restricted to a small square space and the power cable, but it’s still a great leap forward for the technology. Also included in the update are fold down headphones that create 3D positional sound, to complete the experience.

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