What’s Next For Nintendo Mobile?

Nintendo have always seemed as though they were going to ignore the mobile gaming market. While other publishers were taking advantage of the platform, albeit with mixed results, Nintendo just carried on doing what it does best. In the last year though, they’ve exploded onto the scene. What’s going on with their mobile apps currently, and what’s next for them?


Arguably the weakest of Nintendo’s offerings, this app was the first to come from Nintendo. It was an extension of the Mii universe offered on Nintendo consoles, and was a social media platform. Uptake was fast at first, as gamers curious to see what Nintendo were offering started playing it. Now, though, player numbers have fallen dramatically. Nintendo are still bringing out new content for it, but it remains to see whether it’ll stay around when their other offerings come out.

Pokemon Go

Strictly not a pure Nintendo title, but rather a collaboration between Niantic and The Pokemon Company, this app basically changed the way mobile games are played. We all know how Pokemon Go works by now, so we won’t explain it again. Although player numbers have dropped somewhat, probably due to students going back to school and the initial novelty wearing off, there’s still plenty of play value left in it. The recent ‘buddy’ update shows there’s plenty left in the tank. Niantic themselves say they’ve only implemented a small amount of what they want in the game, so expect to see lots of updates in the future.

Super Mario Run

This game is the one that’s splitting opinion down the middle. The first time Mario will appear in a mobile game, he’ll be appearing on iPhones first. The game was a huge reveal for Apple last week, and iPhone users will be happy they get first crack at this title. The game itself though leaves something to be desired. It’s an endless runner title, where the player taps the screen to stop Mario jumping into pits and running into walls. We’ll have to see the game itself to see whether it’s worth the hype.

Animal Crossing

There’s no release date yet, but it has been confirmed that the Animal Crossing franchise is coming to mobile. It makes sense, as the Animal Crossing games have been social networking games for as long as they’ve been around. On a phone, it should be easy to check in on your town and your fuzzy little residents. Nintendo will have to do something special to differentiate it from all the other town building games around, though.

Fire Emblem

Nintendo’s classic role playing game is also coming to mobile, but again we don’t know when yet. This announcement opens the floodgates for other classic retro titles. Could we see Zelda on mobile? How about older Mario games? The list is almost endless.

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